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Distribution and development of stretch film manufacturers

The use of China film beginning in late 1980s, the industrial production in 1993 at beginning, started production capacity production companies generally in 500-700t/a, 1998 after the introduction of large-scale equipment, single annual production capacity of 5000-7000t.
From the planning and distribution point of view, the domestic manufacturers of winding film mostly small equipment based, accounting for 70% of the share of shopping malls. Because of the simple skills, relatively small investment, customer demand for quality is not high, although the quality of products can not be compared with the large manufacturers, but its low prices, the majority of low-end shopping malls. The production of stretch film, most gathered in coastal areas of economic prosperity, the import and export of goods transport cooperation tray.
From the point of view of the production, the winding membrane mainly with no openings, melting finger 2 linear material can be produced. Mainly to domestic material LLDPE and imported material LLDPE production based, commonly used trademarks include: domestic materials, 9030, 7042, 7042N, 9047, 0209AA, 1820, import materials: 1002YB, 218NF/N and so on.
Domestic production company reached 150, most of the production line for small domestic production line, most companies gathered in East China (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai) region, Shandong province and other places in Guangdong province.
Shandong winding film spread
Linyi is located in the eastern coastal economic zone, the core city of Beijing to Shanghai, the shortest distance base location, location advantages are very significant. Qingdao port, Rizhao Port, Rizhao port of Arashiyama and Lianyungang port are located in Linyi. It is called "the capital of logistics" in china. Linyi wholesale city has 96 types of wholesale shopping malls, 25 thousand stalls, three consecutive years ranked among the top ten wholesale shopping malls in the top three. Today, second only to Zhejiang, Yiwu, ranking second in the country, there are "South Yiwu, North Linyi" said. As logistics China, trade is particularly important, in transit and in order to prevent rain drenched, anti kneading and so on, most companies now use film packaging of goods, make it more strong, prevent products by external damage.
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang film meet
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang film first meet. On the one hand the area belongs to a coastal city, humid air contrast, in order to prevent the product moisture, many businesses use packaging film; secondly, Shanghai area is one of the first plastic tray Market, the accumulation of several key points of leading companies, the deployment of multi tray stretch film packaging products, make it more strong. In the process of transportation, in order to prevent the product from being damaged, waterproof and waterproof, the wrapping film is mostly used to reduce the loss in the process of transportation.
Finally, most of the domestic film manufacturers use Zhenhai 7042, Yangtze 7042, and Zhenhai ethylene and Yangzi Petrochemical to the East China region, around the East China regional film manufacturers with regional comparison has the advantages of low cost, less expenses and other advantages. The first film company: East China Huatong United (Nantong) Plastic Co. Ltd., production capacity of 20kt/a, the introduction of Italy Nextrom company equipment, put into operation in March 1998 two production line, introduced in 2005 third production line, is now the largest domestic film production company-.
Guangdong; winding film; dispersion; advantage
Guangdong Dongguan has always been the main gathering place for Southern China winding film manufacturers, commonly known as the "back garden" in Hongkong". Dongguan's economic aggregate planning continues to expand. In 2006, the total output value of the city was 262 billion 400 million yuan, and the total industrial output value was 551 billion 200 million yuan. The total volume of imports and exports reached US $84 billion 221 million. The manufacturing sector is strong and the industrial system is complete. Is one of the world's largest manufacturing base, more than the total manufacturing output accounted for more than 90% of the total industrial output value of planning, a modern industrial system is the pillar of the electronic information, electrical machinery, textile and garment, furniture, toys, paper and paper products industry, food and beverage, chemical industry and other eight.
From the point of view of market demand, according to incomplete statistics, the volume of wrapping film in mainland China is much lower than that of other countries and economic zones. As the base of future international processing and manufacturing industry, its growth potential can be foreseen.
As a whole, winding film will be greatly expanded in the future, but with the surplus space becoming smaller and smaller, the competition will become more and more fierce. Now the domestic manufacturers and small factory situation in the melee, it may evolve into a few companies into foot separation situation. Then planning production, reduce costs and energy consumption, improve quality and broaden the sales channels, will become the ultimate trend of winding film company.
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