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Specific features of winding film

Modular: This is one of the biggest features of wrap wrap. With super thin film winding tension and retraction of the product compact fixed and bundled into one unit, the sporadic small as a whole, even in adverse environment products without any relaxation and parting, and no sharp edges and viscous, prevent damage.
Compression fixed with retraction force will be product wrapping film after stretch, constitute a compact space, all unit, make the products tightly wrapped in the tray at the same time, can effectively prevent mutual dislocation and mobile product delivery process, the tensile force at the same time can be adjusted to make to make soft rigid products, products of austerity, especially the unique packaging effect in the tobacco industry and textile industry.
Cost saving: the use of winding film for product packaging, can effectively reduce the use of cost, the use of wrapping film, as long as the original box of about 15% of packaging, heat shrinkable film about 35%, about 50% of carton packaging. At the same time can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve packaging power and packaging levels.
Primary protection: surface protection of primary protective products, forming a light, protective surface around the product, and then reaching the intent of dustproof, oil proof, moisture proof, waterproof, and anti-theft. What is particularly important is the wrapping of wrapping film to make the packing material even force, and prevent the uneven force from damage to the articles. This is impossible for the traditional packing methods (packing, packing, adhesive tape, etc.).
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