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Why can wrapping film become the darling of packing material circle?

According to the latest data, stretch wrap films, which occupy 40% of stores in packaging materials, compared with other packaging materials, can be seen that stretch wrap has a common advantage in packaged goods.
Space saving at first place
The winding force and retraction property of the film are one of the characteristics of the wrapped film. Second, the basic maintenance
Form a light, protective appearance around the goods, then arrive at the base of dust proof, oil proof, moisture proof, waterproof, and burglar proof. It is particularly important to stretch film packaging packaging items in uniform stress, avoid the uneven stress of goods damage, this is the traditional way of packing (packing, packing, tape and other packaging) cannot. Third tightening fixed
With the retraction force will commodity wrapping stretch wrapping film, form a compact, space unit all the goods of each tray closely packed together, can effectively avoid the goods in the process of mutual dislocation and moving, tensile force can be adjusted together can make hard goods. The soft commodity crunch, especially the packaging effect common in tobacco industry and textile industry. Fourth cost saving
Use wrapping film to undertake commodity packing, can reduce cost effectively, choose wrapping film, as long as 15% of the box that be about to pack is controlled at the same time, the 35% that heat shrinkable film is controlled, the 50% or so that the carton is packed. Work together to reduce labor intensity, improve packaging power and packaging levels. Because the film has multiple advantages, application field is very wide stretch film, stretch film in addition to the application to logistics occupation, but also widely used in electronics, building materials, chemical industry, papermaking, ceramics, glass, car accessories, such as wire and cable occupation packaging. The stretched film is also suitable for the remote transportation of cars, trains, ships, planes and so on, and also facilitates the complete loading and unloading of the pallet and the forklift.
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